Are you a paper person? If so, how do you organize it?

Younger people in the office seem to prefer reading legal documents on their computers.  They’re horrified by having to deal with paper files and the space they take up.

For me, I need paper.  Something I can use a highlighter on.  Something I can fill with different colored post-its.  Something I can take home and read without having to log on to the computer, straining my eyes.

I totally understand that it is cheaper to avoid using paper and probably better for the environment, especially when paper is not recycled.  Like my younger co-workers, I don’t like having stacks and stacks of papers everywhere, either.

But when it comes down to it, I feel like I do better work when I’m dealing with tangible, physical paper.  This is especially true of work that involves a lot detail, such as legal descriptions for property, dates, historical data, and other things involving facts and not casual reading.

It turns out I’m not alone.  In fact, Scientific AmericanOpens in a new tab. published an article suggesting that there are neurological reasons behind this.  Reading something physical gives a sense of control.  It is easier to comprehend and remember “intensive” text.  The article concludes that “When it comes to intensively reading long pieces of plain text, paper and ink may still have the advantage. “

The challenge is what to do with all that paper.  In my business, I deal with a LOT of paper.

Three-ring binders are super helpful.  They have become super expensive, though.  

3-ring notebooks of all sizes have become so expensive that for Christmas gifts, my friends give me boxes of binders that they bought over the year at thrift stores.

I finally found affordable, brightly colored binders that clients who like paper as much as I do enjoy because they’re colorful and durable.  They’re on Amazon and a fraction of what I was paying at other vendors.  If you’re interested, take a look.  I might get a small commission from Amazon on this, but you’ll save a bunch of money: